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Veteran Services

Honorable arrangements

Honoring our heroes

We're proud to serve many veterans and their families. To honor their courage and sacrifice, we offer special services and exclusive discounts.

Patriotic tributes

We honor our country's heroes with special military services including honor guards, flag folding, three-volley salute, Taps and more.

We're here to help vets secure the benefits they've earned

Burial in Veterans Cemeteries

We understand the honor and respect our veterans deserve. When it comes to coordinating a burial in a veteran's cemetery, we'll handle every detail. From paperwork to placement, we're here to ensure a seamless process.

Securing Veterans Benefits

Navigating the complexities of veterans benefits can be a challenge. That's where we step in, streamlining the process and ensuring every benefit is obtained. We work hard to ensure veterans get the recognition and support they deserve.

Plan Ahead

Plan for the future, today

Pre-planning lets your loved ones focus on honoring life instead of hashing out details. Learn the choices you can make now, so a future funeral becomes more of a celebration than a burden.